REVERB is our youth fellowship catered for highschoolers from Year 7 – Year 12. The focus of this ministry is to build community once again after the last 2 years of the pandemic as well as to learn and apply God’s Word and truths into their lives. Most recently, we’ve completed a “life skills” series tackling topics on friendship, time management and money from a Christian perspective. We plan to go through a “Who am I?” identity series and the gospel of Mark soon.

We pray for our youth to seek and grow in deep relationships with Christ, and it is our hope that one day Reverb grows into a youth service.

Reverb continues to be the bridge between CACV Children Sunday School (CSS) and the English Congregation. A current challenge for Reverb youth is to build their confidence in who they are in Christ, in service and in the church.

For more information, please contact Youth Coordinator Catherine Au at



What are your session times?
Every first and third Sundays of the month from 12pm to 2:30pm, after the English service.

What age group do we cater for?
Youth between the ages of 11-12 and 18 years old.

Is there a cost involved?
Most activities that we run are FREE. However, occasionally we run events that may require payment for the activity. You will be notified in advance if there is a cost attached to the event.

Are Youth Ministry events supervised?
All youth ministry events are supervised by the Youth Coordinator (Catherine Au) and/or English Pastor (Pastor Andrew Pham). Social events will also invite responsible adult volunteers from the English Ministry.

Does my teenager need permission to attend Reverb Youth Ministry?
For usual fellowship, all youth are welcome to come. When socials or events require travel/transport, permission and consent forms will be sent out to all parents/guardians prior to the event and will need to be completed for youth to participate. This rule will be strictly enforced for the safety of your child.